My Story

Being good at school does not mean that you are always happy there.  In my early years, I was often bullied, and quickly learned how to adapt to be accepted. Become the entertainer, be invisible, whatever was necessary.  I always knew that when I went home my family loved me with no conditions.

I was bright and capable. As I progressed in school there were more kids and more choice, the skills of adaptability made it easy to get by. The person they liked was not me, and I made their dreams come true as I bent my energies to their goals.

When university time came, I let my dreams go and settled for the goals I thought the world wanted from me.

Eight years into a career I was successful, bored and disillusioned.  I resigned, and came home to my family.  In the moment of taking a breath and with no plan, my world blew up.  The family I knew was gone and my center did not exist.

I went back to adapting and living other’s expectations. I performed, I succeeded, I blew it up again, and the process repeated, including leaving behind the community I had created.

After the last time, I decided I needed to do things differently. I channelled my curiousity and ability to learn. I found a mentor and coach to guide me through finding new tools and it inspired me to learn them, so I could teach others.

Together, we dusted off my dreams and put them where they always should have been and now I know they are real.  The people who journey with me find their dreams again, and belonging comes with them.

The dream is real.

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