About Us

L3DOM-44TUI89_SempleG_01.jpgGordon Semple grew up in Newmarket, but has spent time in every province and territory in Canada, as well as foreign countries numbering in the double digits.

Insatiably curious and continually looking for the next challenge Gordon has had several successful careers including within healthcare, academia, the military and the service industry.

Gordon’s lifelong passion is for stories and the role they play in our humanity, our lives, our education, and most of all how we talk with each other.  As a professional storyteller Gordon has worked across Canada and in the United States.

Combining all the skills and credentials gathered over his lifetime, Gordon has now added board designations as a hypnotherapist, coach and trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming to his repertoire so that he may be of service to others.

Working with his clients Gordon continues to unearth new, vibrant and evolving stories of their greatness.

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